12 Apostles
Ultra-high performance
concrete (UHPC), steel
(12 elements)
Brukna, Latvia
© Photos: Didzis Grodzs

Sandis Aispurs has worked on this project for six years, using materials widely utilised in the construction industry such as concrete and metal fittings. One could say that both materially and thematically, Aispurs is returning to the foundations in a direct and metaphorical sense – Christianity has left a huge impression on European culture, and in our thinking, we operate with the concepts of faith, mission, path and personal responsibility, regardless of whether we are religious or not. The sculpture casting technology was developed in collaboration with Riga Technical University Construction Faculty’s Doctor of Science, Genādijs Šahmenko.


Design by ME—OW

Built with Berta.me

© Sandis Aispurs